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Sculptures of Wood by Will Schropp (1948)

Will Schropp

I was born in a village with the eldest lime-tree from the Netherlands, about a one hundred kilometers from Amsterdam. At the Academy of Art in Arnhem I learned the foundation of my sculpturing.

Lines, groves, the ribbing and the character of the wood play a big part in my sculptures. Wood has a lot of possibilities, but even more impossibilities, between them I create my sculptures. In 1986 I made, using my old denim jacket as a model, my first “jacket”. I would never have imagined that it would cause so many reactions. From of that time there is a wooden jacket at every exposition that I take part in.

“Life” and the eternal dream of ´Flying” are subjects of my sculptures. When I carve I am conscious of the nature, I see my work as a synthesis between design and nature. I finish my sculptures in such a way that people are prompted to touch them. Wood shows history and trees played a role in mythology. If possible I use those elements. For Dutch tv I presented 8 lessons in sculpturing with wood.

My sculptures are exhibited in galleries and art-events. Made freely, or from order are they now in private collections in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Swiss, Austria, Germany and even in Arizona and Nicaragua. See Exibitions for current exibits.